Tecnopackaging is a technology-based company involved in the development of innovative plastic products and materials, mainly packages and nanocomposites, targeting companies in the agri-food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. Thanks to its know-how on advanced polymeric materials and their transformation processes, Tecnopackaging provides its customers with a comprehensive design of new products, from concept to prototype, validation and development of the first series. The core of the company is the development of new nanoadditivated, biodegradable and antimicrobial materials and products with technological equipment for processing plastics, including extrusion-compounding, injection, extrusion blow moulding, thermoforming and film-blowing.

In addition, Tecnopackaging develops all its activities keeping in mind an eco-innovative perspective, analysing in each case the different alternatives that would reduce the environmental impact of both their products and/or their processes, being a member of the European ECOLINK+ 100 business club cluster. Currently, Tecnopackaging develops R&D projects in the field of biodegradable and advanced nanocomposite materials, improving the sustainability of nanomaterials additive processes, or developing new multifunctional materials with enhanced properties.

Role in INGREEN:

  • Developing technologies for biodegradable film formulation and production
  • Formulating development of PHA blend for film extrusion
  • Developing technology and components for Biodegradable film characterization
  • Optimising technologies for biodegradable bag in boxes
  • Demonstrating PHA based bag in box in a real industrial environment