Molini Pivetti

Molini Pivetti is one of the largest soft wheat mill in Italy. With innovative technology it can offer quality wheat flour from big industry to large retailers. Molini Pivetti has a controlled chain thanks its own Italian wheat fields, storage sites for grains, industrial production and packaging system.

Our values are: Tradition: Since 1875 the Pivetti family has been committed to the art of making flour, combining true passion with great professionalism handed down from year to year, generation to generation. Quality: Understood as a philosophy of life. The search for quality is constant and guaranteed by the certifications of our products, services and processes.Innovation: Pivetti’s excellence comes from the union of the most innovative technologies with the best raw materials.

Role in INGREEN:

  • providing characterized fractions of milling byproducts (i.e. bran and germs from soft wheat grains) to consortium partners to produce natural antimicrobials, pre-fermented ingredients for the bakery industry and cosmetics industry. 
  • Contributing to the pre-treatment and characterization of bran
  • Optimizing of ingredient productions and final prototypes (based on pre-fermented bran) in relation to bran characteristics.