Mambelli is an Italian dairy SME since 1970 and is located in a region called Romagna. The current owners (two sisters) belong to the third generation of the Mambelli family and they produce typical soft and fresh cheeses and dairy products (like squacquerone di Romagna DOP, milk ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese). It is a craft company that employs less than 30 people.
Mambelli offers a great range of innovative products, proof of the great interest of the SME towards research and innovation. It is also suppliers of several important Italian distribution chains.

Role in INGREEN:

  • Contributing to the physical-chemical characterization of the whey as feedstock and the optimization of its storage conditions.
  • Providing its industrial facilities for LBA enriched whey and Y. lipolytica biomass production
  • Contributing to the evaluation and characterization of the bio-based ingredients obtained from the whey and particularly for LBA enriched whey, purified LBA (extracted from whey in collaboration with ACTIV) and microbial biomasses.  
  • Leading the production of innovative cheese prototypes