iSiTEC was founded in 1996 in Bremerhaven, Germany with the aim to develop and provide innovative automation systems and scientific technical systems which facilitate and enable various research and industrial activities using different kinds of machines, technical devices and/or sensor technology. Today, iSiTEC’s range of products and services includes designing and manufacturing of measuring devices for analytical purposes, data collection and visualization systems, PLC controllers, simulation facilities as well as automatic sampling systems, all the while optimizing costs, processes and functions.

iSiTEC’s small but highly innovative and qualified team, consisting of 10 employees among 1 electric engineer, 2 process engineers and 1 electrical technician. All employees have years of professional experience in research and development as well as manufacturing of complete, customized technical systems for diverse customer needs. Since process automation is proceeding and constant interconnection to other subordinate systems is required, iSiTEC develops new automation systems and modifies, upgrades and adjusts existing ones as well. iSiTEC’s involvement in business projects often includes participation in every step of the “technology supply chain” from project analysis and early concept development of the right technical systems to choosing, assembling, programming, installing and maintaining the fitted system components. Additionally, iSiTEC produces custom-made electronic circuitries and microcontroller systems along with the required software so that innovative solutions for all kinds of digital measuring and control systems can be found. Upon request, the company can also install advanced visualization technologies providing convenient operation and monitoring of automated systems. Naturally, maintenance and reparation services of their systems are also part of iSiTEC’s product and services portfolio.


  • Developing multivariate models for real-time characterization of paper mill and whey side streams
  • Monitoring of bioreactors and analysing extraction and purification methods 
  • Characterization of biopolymer and impurities with RAMAN spectroscopy
  • Supporting the development of strategies for ingredient production and processing in food and feed industry 
  • Supporting the demonstration of the selected technologies in food and feed