Interview with the INGREEN Project Coordinator Narinder Bains, iNeuvo

In this interview project coordinator Narinder Bains discusses how BBI JU- funded projects are particularly important for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to be able to collaborate with prominent academics and researchers.

Their expertise allow SMEs to further develop products with market potential that would otherwise get stuck in the valley of death. This is a period of time when a business has a negative cash flow in the process of developing its innovations and bringing them to market, usually when the public funding dries out and there is lack of private investment and/or in house capacity to do the research or scale up.

In this video, Narinder Bains answers the following questions:

  • How can BBI projects help to bring bio-based innovations to the market?
  • How will the INGREEN project accelerate the uptake of bio-based solutions?
  • How do SMEs benefit from participating in BBI and EU projects?
  • What are the commercialisation opportunities for the technologies developed in INGREEN?
  • Update on how the project is progressing

Narinder Bains is the director of iNeuvo Ltd, a UK based SME company that provides scale up engineering and enterprise solutions with the aim to meet the current trends towards innovative, smarter intelligent production and manufacturing.

iNeuvo Ltd specialises in the area of high value added and resource efficient manufacturing using sustainable processing, circular bio-based economy, clean technology and engineering solutions in the production of clean energy, biofuels and bio-based ingredients and additives for food, feed and cosmetics and packaging.