Institute of Technology, Tralee

The Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT) is a university level institution with a range of programmes from craft to postgraduate level. The Institute currently has a community of 100 researchers engaged in research activities, much of which is focused on solutions for companies regionally, nationally and internationally. Among the research projects are FP7 & H2020 projects. The Institute supports technology transfer activities through a Technology Transfer Strengthening Initiative (TTSI) point of contact, to promote and develop the ethos of technology transfer across the Institute as well as providing training and support within the areas of research agreements, patenting, financial management, market research & validation, business process, product development and sales training.

Shannon Applied Biotechnology Centre (Shannon ABC) is a research centre in IT Tralee and responds to the challenges of biotech, food and life science industries through the sustainable development of viable and cost-effective processes and products from bio-resources. This collaborative and risk management approach improves our client’s competitiveness and competence and facilitates the transfer of these innovative scientific solutions Since its establishment in 2008, Shannon ABC has secured over €15 million in funding for SME-related projects, including co-ordination of five FP7 projects and partnering in two Horizon 2020 projects. Shannon ABC provides an industrial problem generating commercially applicable products and processes from bioresources. Shannon ABC’s approach to industry is very much industry led as the industry partner defines the project parameters and the project is delivered according to their timelines and needs, ensuring that all processes developed are scalable and transferable.

Role in INGREEN:

  • Characterizing the end-products in terms of technological and functional properties 
  • Characterizing the end-products and selection for the re-use in feed, food or packaging
  • Characterizing the bioactivity and functionality of LBA and GOS 
  • Producing functional pre-fermented ingredients and bioactive compounds from wheat mill by-products 
  • characterizing the end-products in terms of technological and functional properties, re-using safe microbial biomasses/prebiotics (PHA/PHB) to produce functional feeds and their characterization