InnovEn Srl

InnovEn Srl is an innovative start-up, founded in 2013 by senior and junior professors and researchers in environmental chemical engineering at the University of Verona. The marked propensity for development and innovation activities is evidenced, in addition to the numerous activities commissioned by companies and utilities, also by five Horizon2020 projects that InnovEn Srl has or is conducting, with a strong focus on the biotechnological enhancement of wastewater and waste.

InnovEn Srl operates in the development and validation of new processes, plants and techniques in the field of environmental technologies and biotechnologies, with particular reference to the treatment of waste water, waste and biodegradable waste, with recovery of material and energy. InnovEn Srl integrates with the consolidated design and / or management of plants, providing support for innovation in process engineering, optimizing management costs and environmental benefits.

The strength of the company is its ability to implement state-of-the-art solutions to solve real process and plant problems. This frontier vision derives from the demonstrated international dimension of the management group, mostly coming from the world of university research, as well as from past and still ongoing experiences of the founding members.
Precisely this dimension guarantees a wide range of reading skills and the search for robust and reliable solutions, which guarantee the achievement of the best result.

Role in INGREEN:

  • Characterization and preliminary testing of paper mill side streams
  • Developing technologies and components for feedstock logistics and pre-treatments
  • Optimizing the operative conditions of paper milling wastewater pre-treatment to produce biomasses enriched in PHA in realistic environment.
  • Optimising production of ingredients in the four industrial sectors: food, feed, nutraceutical/ cosmetic/ pharma and bag-in-box
  • Assessing combinations in simulated (process model) or operational environment (pilot/demonstration scale)
  • Selecting the products/ technologies/ processes to be demonstrated in real operational environments