INGREEN workshop at Bioeconomy Week Ireland

The first INGREEN workshop ‘Building a new bio-based value chain for industry: from lab to market’ will be held at Bioeconomy Week Ireland on 19 October. During this workshop, organised by our project partner Munster Technological University, we explore the key learnings from industry and research experts on the development of new functional innovative ingredients from whey side streams for pharmaceuticals,  cosmetics and the food industry.  The event aims to investigate the entire value chain from the initial business challenge to side stream valorisation (LBA, GOS) highlighting state-of-art biotechnologies and development of lab to demo scale bio-based ingredient production. We analyse how biotech commercialisation impacts processing, cost efficiencies and simultaneously creates intellectual property opportunities and new product development capabilities for industry to exploit.

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Event Speakers:

  • Flavia Pisanu, EU Projects Co-ordinator with Mambelli Ltd who will share the story of their involvement in INGREEN that began with a significant business problem to solve at their world-renowned cheese production facility in Romagna, Italy.
  • Isis Pinner, Scientific Researcher, highlights the collaboration of UK based Activatec Ltd with the INGREEN project and the exciting global market opportunities for exploiting high value biobased ingredients and products.
  • Associate Professors Noura Raddadi & Beatrice Vitali at the University of Bologna report on the significant work to date that has been conducted on the characterisation and development of both LBA and GOS. 
  • Professor PatrickShahgaldian, lecturer in Molecular Nanotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences & Arts Northwest Switzerland who details the technical biocatalytic processes required to produce GOS and the varying factors that influence product scalability. 
  • Piero Sciavilla of DEPOFARMALtd, Italy, outlines the company’s ongoing work in taking newly developed biobased ingredients and formulating new and innovative consumer products during the INGREEN project.

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