INGREEN presented at the Final Conference of DISTAL – Department of Excellence, 2018 – 2022

During the EU Green Week, the INGREEN project was presented at the Nexus Approach for Sustainability in Agriculture, Food, Energy & Water – Department of Excellence (2018 – 2022) DISTAL Final Conference. This event was held at the University of Bologna on 9 June 2022.

Rosalba Lanciotti, scientific Coordinator of INGREEN and Director of DISTAL at the University of Bologna introduced  Davide Viaggi, research delegate at DISTAL. Prof. Viaggi presented INGREEN in his presentation titled ‘Circular Bioeconomy’. This presentation focussed on new chains, issues and systemic aspects of the bioeconomy. It also covered topics such as new ingredients, compounds, products; circular systems and solutions; impact of new products; value chain governance, innovation and valorisation; and cooperation, communication, education and capacity building. Subsequently, a very comprehensive overview of EU project was provided including GourMed, Co-Fresh, SUSTAINOLIVE, 4CE-MED, NewTechAqua, LOWINFOOD, LatinLAB, BIioProMedFood, and of course the INGREEN project. 

The Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL) of the University of Bologna has been recognized as one of the few Departments of Excellence in Italy and has been awarded a fund of 8.7 million euro for a five-years strategic project focused on the nexus among sustainable agriculture, food, energy and water. The final conference of the Department of Excellence gathered together scientists, policy makers and stakeholders to discuss and present views on the circularity of the nexus linking agriculture, food, energy and water for sustainable production systems. The programme included highly qualified international speakers representing different sectors and visions.