First INGREEN Steering Committee Meeting, Lisbon

Last November, INGREEN had its first steering committee meeting. It was held in Lisbon and hosted by project partner NOVA.ID.FCT. For INGREEN, we have project meetings planned every 6 months to monitor the progress of each work package. This constructive collaboration will help to better shape future work.

In this meeting, work package and task leaders presented the progress made in the first 6 months. They shared the challenges they faced, allowing all partners to discuss this in detail to find solutions.

Many partners already had a few successes to share with the consortium, especially in regard to promising preliminary protocols to obtain the final bio-based ingredients, these include:

  • selection of Y.lipolytica strains to produce innovative cheeses,
  • optimization membrane filtration technique to produce galactooligosaccharides (GOS),
  • selection of various types of brans to produce pre-fermented ingredients,
  • and much more.

On the last day, the planning for the coming period was discussed in breakout sessions. For this purpose, the consortium was divided into smaller groups according to final INGREEN products and ingredients.
The project coordinator, Narinder Bains from INEUVO, closed the event by announcing the next meeting will be held in the UK in June 2020.