Highlights from the INGREEN workshop on biobased ingredients from milling side streams

Access the recordings of the third INGREEN workshop The milling multiplier effect: Developing the next generation of biobased ingredients for consumer products – An industrial Collaboration’ held online on 28 September 2022.

This online event showcased the INGREEN journey from the initial identification of the wheat and rye bran waste to value opportunity, including the process of validating and prototyping of high-quality bioactive. The workshop explored the key learnings from industry and research experts on creating high-value ingredients through fermentation of milling by-products by selected microbial consortia as a tool for obtaining pre-fermented ingredients that were subsequently used for food and pharma applications. During this workshop, Pivetti discussed the initial identification of a bran milling side streams; the University of Bologna and Munster Technological University presented the process of creating, validating, and prototyping; and Depofarma and Barilla showed the creation of two value chains with new functional, innovative, biobased products.

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