Highlights from the first INGREEN workshop

Access the recordings of the first INGREEN workshop ‘Building a New Biobased Value Chain for Industry: From Lab to Market’ that was held on 19 October 2021.

The workshop explored the key learnings from industry and research experts on the development of new functional innovative ingredients from whey side streams for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the food industry.  The aim of the event was to create a compelling narrative investigating the entire value chain from the initial identification of whey as a waste to a value opportunity (Mambelli), the process of validating and prototyping of high value bioactives, LBA & GOS (Activatec/Unibo/FNHW) through to the creation of a scalable and sustainable waste to value chain solution for the cosmetics industry (Depofarma). There were six presentations in total, followed by a live panel segment and Q&A. 

​Workshop programme

Dr.Helena McMahon of Munster Technological University introduced the INGREEN project providing an overview of project activities, consortium partners and the structure of the INGREEN event. 

Flavia Pisanu, European Project coordinator at Mambelli, outlined the company’s history, initial identification of a whey waste to value opportunity, and the benefits of the collaboration with the INGREEN project.  ​

Isis Pinner, Scientific researcher at Activatec, described in detail the global market value for whey proteins and the immense opportunities that exist with the creation of high value bioactives in multiple industries. Isis outlined the role of Activatec in the process development of LBA & GOS for INGREEN.

Noura Raddadi, Associate professor at the University of Bologna, presented the bioproduction of the fine LBA from cheese whey. 

Beatrice Vitali, Associate professor at the University of Bologna, provided information on the characterization of the functional properties of LBA & GOS produced for the cosmetics industry during the project. 

Professor Patrick Shahgaldian of FHNW delivered his presentation entitled ‘Biocatalytic Nanoparticles for the production of GOS’ and seamlessly weaved together the activities of FNHW, Activatec, and Unibo in the validating and prototyping process. ​

Piero Sciavilla, pharmaceutical researcher at Depofarma, detailed the historical development of Depofarma, the company’s commitment to research and biobased innovation, and the company experience of being a consortium partner in INGREEN. ​


The live panel segment brought together three of the presenters, Flavia, Beatrice, and Piero who were joined by Catriona Power of Munster Technological University who is the manager of Irelands first Circular Bioeconomy Cluster and also Education & Outreach activities. Also on the panel was Emily Marsh, EU Project Manager working on several regional and European projects at MTU. The focus of the live panel was on the development of greater consumer awareness of biobased product options and for the panelists to share key learnings and experiences of participating in BBI JU projects. 

Bioeconomy Ireland Week is an annual week-long event held each October to highlight and raise awareness of Ireland’s rapidly growing bioeconomy. The 2021 calendar showcased over 100 events in collaboration with policy makers, industry, universities, researchers, local communities, producers, and students of all ages. This platform provided the perfect opportunity for the delivery of the online INGREEN workshop ‘Building a New Biobased Value Chain for Industry: From Lab to Market’ held on 19 October.