Highlights from INGREEN workshop on PHAs recovered from wastewater

Access the recordings of the second INGREEN workshop ‘Closing the Loop – Transforming paper milling side streams into high-value prebiotics and bioplastics: An industrial Collaboration’ that was held on 15 March 2022.

This workshop showcased the journey from the initial identification of the paper milling waste to value opportunity, including the process of validating and prototyping Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a high-quality bioactive. Furthermore, the creation of scalable and sustainable value chain solutions for the feed and packaging industries were discussed. Consortium partners Innoven, Smurfit Kappa, NovaID, Tecnopackaging and Avecom presented updates of key project developments. This event was moderated by Munster Technological University. Please find below a recording of the six presentations and the live Q&A session of this online workshop. 

Workshop programme

Dr. Helena McMahon of Munster Technological University introduced the INGREEN project providing an overview of project activities, consortium partners and the structure of this INGREEN event. 

Jesùs R Gamero from INNOVEN in Italy spoke about Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and its potential to substitute synthetic plastics in the future

Luca Santarlasci from Smurfit Kappa in Italy showed the INGREEN pilot plant for the production of PHA-enriched biomass especially designed for paper milling wastewater

Nídia Lourenço from NOVAID in Portugal explained how PHA can be recovered from mixed microbial cultures using green approaches

Irene Serrano from Tecnopackaging in Spain showed how the PHA is being used for the production of biodegradable film for bag-in-box- products

Kim Windey from AVECOM in Belgium talked about how PHA can be used in animal feed applications

Q&A session