Depofarma S.p.A. is an Italian family company that research and develop products of absolute efficacy and safety by offering useful services, in order to optimize the quality of life of patients
Our mission aims to

  • Analyze, understand and identify the needs of patients that are not adequately satisfied, by developing innovative solutions for optimizing the quality of life.
  • Ensure the commitment already made to date by the 4 generations that have contributed to the affirmation and success of the Company in the world of health, acquiring and maintaining highly competent professional figures that integrate perfectly in the system of values, business ethics and high competitive market standards. Ensuring a level of training and support to the organization adapted to the strategic objectives of the company.
  • Realize and consolidate a network of excellence that involves researchers and clinicians that can guarantee a substantial contribution to the satisfaction of patients’ needs.
  • Achieve “best in class” standard of laboratory activities, excellence in research and development of new active ingredients, in full compliance with the requirements of international sector certifications.

Role in INGREEN:

  • Developing a cleanser for intimate use(cosmetic) enriched with lactobionic acid (LBA) and GOS for the prevention/treatment of urogenital infections 
  • Developing a vaginal gel (medical device) enriched with the prebiotic GOS for the restoration of a healthy vaginal microbiota
  • Developing a pre-fermented bran-based product for oral use (nutraceutical) enriched with GOS for the modulation of the intestinal microbiota
  • Testing all products for technical stability and health benefits