INGREEN at the European Researchers’ Night 2022

The European Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide public event, which displays the diversity of science and its impact on citizens’ daily lives in a fun and inspiring way. This year, the event took place in 26 countries on Friday 30 September 2022. The UNIBO team involved in the INGREEN project attended the event in Cesena […]

The need to transition to biobased plastics

With more than 52,000 companies spread across the continent, and almost 1.5 million workers, the plastics sector is one of the most important in Europe. However, due to most of the plastic being made from fossil fuels, it is one of the main contributors to greenhouse emissions and resource depletion. On a global trend, plastic […]

INGREEN workshop on developing biobased ingredients from milling side streams

The third INGREEN workshop ‘The milling multiplier effect: Developing the next generation of biobased ingredients for consumer products – An industrial Collaboration’ will be held online on 28 September 2022. This online event is part of the INGREEN series showcasing key project developments from consortium partners Pivetti, University of Bologna, Depofarma, and Barilla and is […]

INGREEN at the 8th International Symposium on Sourdough

Lorenzo Siroli from the University of Bologna presented the improvement of functional and technological characteristics of pre-fermented ingredients obtained from milling by-products fermented by selected consortia of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts at the VIII International Symposium on Sourdough. In 2020/21 the global wheat production was an astronomical 772.6 million metric tons, which in turn […]

Interview with the INGREEN Project Coordinator Narinder Bains, iNeuvo

In this interview project coordinator Narinder Bains discusses how BBI JU- funded projects are particularly important for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to be able to collaborate with prominent academics and researchers. Their expertise allow SMEs to further develop products with market potential that would otherwise get stuck in the valley of death. This is […]

Pivetti addressing sustainability challenges in the production of wheat flour

Molini Pivetti is one of the largest soft wheat mills in Italy. In this interview project partner, Simona Baraldi talks about the importance of being part of EU projects and the other initiatives to improve the environmental impact of Pivetti’s production process. What products and process have you contributed to developing in INGREEN? We have helped […]

Highlights from INGREEN workshop on PHAs recovered from wastewater

Access the recordings of the second INGREEN workshop ‘Closing the Loop – Transforming paper milling side streams into high-value prebiotics and bioplastics: An industrial Collaboration’ that was held on 15 March 2022. This workshop showcased the journey from the initial identification of the paper milling waste to value opportunity, including the process of validating and […]

AVECOM trials biobased animal feed prototypes

Avecom is an innovative company that develops and produces bioproducts and applications for and from bacteria, including high quality feed and foodstuff. In this interview, Kim Windey and Mariane Van Wambeke from Avecom explain their role in the INGREEN project and how Avecom is contributing to sustainability. What products and processes has Avecom contributed to […]