Avecom is an innovative company with a primary focus on steering and optimizing your microbial processes. Together with their partners, they develop and produce bioproducts and applications for and from bacteria, produce high quality feed and foodstuff and exploit Microbial Insights Europe.

Avecom develops bioproducts and applications for and from micro-organisms. These are unique products which offer real solutions for a broad spectrum of problems. These products and processes can be divided into six major groups, namely: aquaria & aquaculture, water treatment, soil remediation, microbial management, single cell protein production and research projects.

Avecom also specializes on upgrading low value side streams into high value feed- and foodstuff. For this, their patented process called “ProMic” is used that provides a unique link between industry and food, perfectly fitting into the circular economy. ProMic is grouped in three major products: ProMic’ – a microbial protein source from recovered nutrients from diluted streams, ‘ProMic Premium’ – Avecom’s own high quality, enriched feed- and foodstuff and ‘ProMic Solar’ – a microbial protein from hydrogen generated by green energy (I.e. photovoltaic cells) also known as power to protein.

Avecom’s infrastructure includes pilot/industrial production facilities including several fully automated reactors for the production and processing of different microbial products such as single cell protein (100-2500 L reactors). In addition, Avecom has a fully equipped service and R&D laboratories for full chemical and physico-chemical characterisation of liquid and soil samples and identification bacterial species using the classic methods and high throughput sequence techniques.


  • Developing feed prototypes with high probiotic activity at lab scale
  • Producing best feed prototype at pilot scale