INGREEN at the 8th International Symposium on Sourdough

Lorenzo Siroli from the University of Bologna presented the improvement of functional and technological characteristics of pre-fermented ingredients obtained from milling by-products fermented by selected consortia of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts at the VIII International Symposium on Sourdough. In 2020/21 the global wheat production was an astronomical 772.6 million metric tons, which in turn […]

Pivetti addressing sustainability challenges in the production of wheat flour

Molini Pivetti is one of the largest soft wheat mills in Italy. In this interview project partner, Simona Baraldi talks about the importance of being part of EU projects and the other initiatives to improve the environmental impact of Pivetti’s production process. What products and process have you contributed to developing in INGREEN? We have helped […]

Highlights from INGREEN workshop on PHAs recovered from wastewater

Access the recordings of the second INGREEN workshop ‘Closing the Loop – Transforming paper milling side streams into high-value prebiotics and bioplastics: An industrial Collaboration’ that was held on 15 March 2022. This workshop showcased the journey from the initial identification of the paper milling waste to value opportunity, including the process of validating and […]

AVECOM trials biobased animal feed prototypes

Avecom is an innovative company that develops and produces bioproducts and applications for and from bacteria, including high quality feed and foodstuff. In this interview, Kim Windey and Mariane Van Wambeke from Avecom explain their role in the INGREEN project and how Avecom is contributing to sustainability. What products and processes has Avecom contributed to […]

Activatec develops purification strategies for high value ingredients LBA and GOS

Activatec Ltd evaluates and develops processes to manufacture innovative bio-based ingredients from unused and low-value organic sources. In this interview, our project partner Jose Luis Molto Marin talks about the development of purification processes specifically designed for LBA and GOS from whey. What products and processes have you contributed to developing in INGREEN? Activatec has developed purification […]

Depofarma developing cosmetics and nutraceuticals from industrial side-streams

The Italian family company, Depofarma, develops innovative solutions to address patients’ unmet needs in order to optimize the quality of their lives. In this interview, project partner, Paola Dalla Zorza talks about the products they have developed in INGREEN and the importance to their company. In the INGREEN project, Depofarma is developing three innovative products […]

Mambelli uses a major by-product to create an innovative cheese

Mambelli is an Italian family-run dairy factory established in 1970. It is located in a region called Romagna and produces typical soft and fresh cheeses and dairy products. In this interview, dairy owner and INGREEN project partner, Federica Mambelli talks about the natural preservative developed from the whey sidestream. What products and processes has Mambelli […]

INGREEN at IAFP’s European symposium

Project partner, Edward Sliwinski of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology presented INGREEN at the IAFP – the European Symposium on Food Protection on 4 May 2022. During his presentation, Sliwinski explained that food is wasted in all steps of the food supply chain. This can be caused by inefficiency, which is partly […]

Mambelli wins first prize at the Italian Cheese Awards

Congratulations to INGREEN project partner, Mambelli, for winning the “very fresh” category of the Italian Cheese Awards 2021 with their Squacquerone di Romagna P.D.O. al Sale di Cervia. From all over Italy, 1,500 artisanal cheeses were sent in to compete for the title of best dairy products. The victory came thanks to Mambelli’s cheese that […]