4th INGREEN Consortium Meeting

The 4th INGREEN Consortium meeting took place over 1,5 days on Wednesday, 30 June and Thursday, 1 July, 2021 via teleconference. As the project had reached month 24, representatives from all 17 project partners gathered to discuss the progress made in the last 6 months and to share the work planned for the next 6 months. […]

Functional cheese with accelerated ripening

The INGREEN project is producing novel functional cheeses with accelerated ripening time using a newly developed sustainable biotechnological approach. These cheeses contribute to the bioeconomy as they are produced from the side stream feedstocks from the dairy industry. Our industrial project partner Mambelli, an Italian cheese-making company, is providing caciotta, ricotta, squacquerone whey for the […]

Using industrial side streams in Food, Feed, Cosmetics and Packaging

The INGREEN project is featured in the Open Access Government magazine. In this article Prof. Rosalba Lanciotti, University of Bologna, talks about finding new ways to valorise industrial side streams for use in Food, Feed, Cosmetics and Packaging. The need to address food and paper & pulp waste is apparent when looking at the current […]

Project partners in solidarity with local communities against COVID-19

As the world is facing one of the biggest challenges in the past decades to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, INGREEN partners around Europe are also feeling the impact of national measures to slow down the virus. Fortunately, many INGREEN partners have found practical and creative ways to support their local communities suffering from the effects of […]

First INGREEN Steering Committee Meeting, Lisbon

Last November, INGREEN had its first steering committee meeting. It was held in Lisbon and hosted by project partner NOVA.ID.FCT. For INGREEN, we have project meetings planned every 6 months to monitor the progress of each work package. This constructive collaboration will help to better shape future work. In this meeting, work package and task […]

INGREEN at the EFFoST 2019 Conference

INGREEN project participated in the EU collaboration corner during the 33rd EFFoST International Conference held in Rotterdam. The attendees had the opportunity to discuss and learn more about the INGREEN project with project partner EFFoST. Great interest was shown on how the side-streams from the paper and agro-food industry can be used for food, feed, […]