Women in Science

The 6th International Day of Women and Girls in Science will be held on 11 February 2021. The UN General Assembly established the International Day of Women and Girls in Science to celebrate women’s excellence in science and remind the international community that science and gender equality have to advance hand-in-hand to address major global […]

The second INGREEN newsletter

In this second INGREEN newsletter, we focus on our activities to produce safe biomasses enriched in PHA from paper mill wastewater to be used as prebiotics for animal feed and as a promising alternative to conventional plastic for the packaging industry. In this issue we also have an item about the INGREEN participation at EFFoST2020 in the special […]

Pilot plant for fermentation of PHA operational

One of the targets of the EU-funded INGREEN project is demonstrated in real operational environment the production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from paper mill wastewater by fermentation. For this purpose, InnovEn designed a pilot plant which was installed in Q2 of 2020 at the premises of Smurfit Kappa Italy (SKI). We spoke with Anita Rizzini, biotechnologist […]

Reducing environmental impact of paper mill wastewater

The INGREEN project is one of the important efforts that are being made to reduce the pollutant levels and water consumption of the paper mill industry. Treatment of paper mill wastewater typically includes removal of suspended solids and diminishing the organic matter. Aerated ponds and activated sludge methods are the most common treatment systems in […]

Production of PHA using paper mill wastewater

One of the targets of the EU-funded INGREEN project is the development of functional innovative ingredients for feed and biodegradable packaging applications from paper mill wastewater. To achieve this, biotechnological processes will be optimized to produce the right type and concentration of specific biopolymers called polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). PHAs are polyesters that can be produced in […]

INGREEN Project at the EFFoST2020 Online conference

INGREEN Project participated in the 34th EFFoST Online conference by taking part in the Special session dedicated to “Valorisation of side streams”. Narinder Bains, the project coordiantor (iNeuvo Ltd, UK), discussed ‘Finding new ways to valorise industrial side streams for use in food, feed, cosmetics and packaging’. This BBI project will produce functional innovative ingredients […]

Watch the new INGREEN project video

The INGREEN project is helping the paper and agro-food industry to become more sustainable. In this video we explain how we will optimize the use of wheat and rye bran that is created during the milling process, whey that is a by-product of cheese making, and wastewater of paper milling factories. The project will use […]